Science · Peace · Security ’19 – Welcome!

Scientific discoveries and technical innovations have always exerted a great influence on peace and security. Thus, new civil and military technologies are revolutionizing warfare. Particularly striking areas are the cyber warfare and the rapid development dynamics of unmanned weapons systems. Issues of nuclear disarmament, missile defense or space armament are still unresolved. Furthermore, the frequent chemical weapons use in Syria and the recent turmoil within the governing body of the Chemical Weapons Convention may lead to the erosion of trust in arms control treaties as such.

The conference „Science · Peace · Security ’19: Perspectives of Science and Technology in Peace and Security Research“ has set itself the goal of naming and demonstrating today’s and tomorrow’s peace and security challenges. This includes scientific contributions to the challenges and problems of international security and peacebuilding. 

We invite researchers and practitioners to contribute to this conference. A look into the future is supplemented by an inventory of past successes (also in the frame of 30 years of IANUS), but also by the difficulties of this practical research

Welcome in Darmstadt – Welcome at Science · Peace · Security ’19